Lipstick Match

Take this fun quiz to know your lipstick shade. Make-up artiste Zeenat Jaffer gives you the answers!
  • 24 Nov - 30 Nov, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Hey there ladies! For generations, women have used make-up as a means to show the world who they are: from Marilyn in the 50s screaming “I am woman, hear me roar!” to JLo in the 2000s taking out the ‘colour’ from lip-colour by showing how hot nude lipstick can be. In short, if you wardrobe is your armour, then your lip-shade is your battle-cry.

Celebrity makeup artist Zeenat J tells you what your lipstick says about you.

It’s Thursday night, where do you find you and your girls?

A) At the latest fashion show, front row, sunglasses on.

B) Under the stars, dancing the night away to desi music!

C) Thursday nights are for art gallery openings and experimental food experiences.

D) Thursday night? Probably still at work with no chance of getting out anytime soon.

E) On my sofa, bingeing on Netflix, probably with a bag of chips.

You receive an invite that says: ‘Dress code – dress to impress.’ How do you respond?

A) Black slinky sari with a low backline.

B) Western. White.

C) The kind of experimental dress that makes aunties go: “Aaloo ki Boree pehenli!?” (Whatever, they just don’t get it, right?)

D) Pant-suit. Matching heels. Designer bag.

E) Short and flirty, probably with a pattern.

Your eye make-up is:

A) Dark and smokey with gigantic false-lashes. The bigger the better!

B) Light brown, clean, taken a lot of time to put on.

C) Glittery!

D) Conservative and understated.

E) Winged eye-liner (that you still haven’t perfected).

You’re in a crowded room filled with people: where would you be found?

A) In the VIP section.

B) Front and center, the life of the party.

C) Not there ‘coz you’re at a cooler underground party nobody knows about.

D) Doing the obligatory rounds, shaking hands graciously and thanking guests for coming.

E) Heels in your hands, bag thrown in a corner, doing the Macarena (while lip-syncing ALL the words).

You’re at a trendy new restaurant and your food order comes wrong – how do you react?

A) The plate goes from your hand to the waiter’s face, and all eyes are on you as you walk out of there.

B) Loudly (and a manager WILL be called).

C) You don’t pick the meal, surprise is part of the experience!

D) You smile and quietly ask for the manager, then explain that it’s not the right meal and offer some advice for the future. You then eat your meal quietly and without anyone noticing, tip the waiter handsomely.

E) Arey yaar to kya huwa? Wrong order — this is destiny!

You’ve found the perfect dress, but it’s way too expensive. What do you do?

A) Husband’s credit card!

B) Friend’s credit card!

C) The designer who made it will likely gift it to you.

D) You have enough money in the bank to get it for yourself because you need no man.

E) Take a picture of it and then head to your tailor.