Adnan Sami Khan –Zero Tolerance

Tsk tsk. That sunsaan auditorium in Occupied Kashmir made Adnan too pre-occupied to even think of concerts anymore. Obviously, you can’t blame them for ‘zero tolerance’. They are living behind barbed wires, so they hardly had an appetite for song and dance, especially when the singer had been singing praises for the Indians. Well, Adnan is supposed to be a Kashmiri himself, so it must really hurt to witness empty seats. Adnan declared CM of Occupied Kashmir “a sadistic, sore loser,” since the chap, Omar Abdullah had uploaded the pictures of empty seats at the concert. Adnan posted the ‘real’ attendance pictures, and showed his anger at CM’s fake news!

Actually, Adnan gave a recent interview saying, so what if he isn’t a natural-born Indian? “Choosing Indian citizenship is my right!” he said. That may be right, but when his pictures with Modi went viral, the Kashmiris became too moody to care for his concert. They thought if he pleads Lift Karade to Modi, then why come to us for public consumption? Oh, sorry about that! Consumption vaghera is old hat; now Adnan is a slim trim guy, who no longer has those artillery palms that he used so famously in his video for the aforementioned number. But, with bare minimum seats occupied in his concert, he probably just about beat the Pakistan versus Sri Lanka second Test in Abu Dhabi… not much difference though… unees bees ka hee farq hoga. The players were running between the wickets, while the Kashmiris were running between tickets.