Sharmeen & Mehreen Bring Laurels to the Country

Vision is the champ; everything comes second to it. It was vision that won through in Sabiha Sumar’s beautiful Khamosh Pani. It presented the picture of the most desperate times that were the ’80s. Now that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Mehreen Jabbar have brought laurels for the home soil, with international awards, it’s again their visions that have made it possible. Jabbar has been toiling away for long, but very early, she decided she was going to go for creative making. Since then, she put all her resources into forming a team, of like-minded individuals. She worked diligently at creating drama according to her vision. Now that she has moved onto the big screen, she is gradually making progress. It’s her Lala Begum that has impressed the audiences in Washington DC at the South Asian Film Festival. Once again, it’s great to see Marina Khan coming out of her silence. As for Chinoy, her fast-lane progress is brilliant all the way. She had her own vision, and worked to preserve it. She has been earning one triumph after another. It’s no mean feat to present so many firsts at a literally blinding pace.