Geopathic Stress – A Major Contributor To Cancer

Sitting on the ground, hugging a tree, taking a bath in salt water, re-arranging living spaces etc can help against this particular kind of stress

Geopathic stress is a significant contributor to cancer; 85 per cent of patients who die from cancer had regular exposure to geopathic stress, meaning stress from the earth. The distortion of the earth’s natural electromagnetic field causes this particular kind of stress, which in turn curbs the immune function, shutting down the body’s natural defence system, thereby facilitating illness.

Experts say remaining in close contact with nature can help; sitting on the ground, hugging a tree, taking a bath in salt water, re-arranging living spaces to avoid geopathic lines and maintain the balance etc.

Research conducted at Dulwich Health Society, U.S., on over 5,000 people with ill health found that 90 per cent of people who have secondary cancer were affected by earth’s radiations. Similarly, around 95 per cent of cancer patients were either sleeping or working in a place exposed to geopathic stress before or at the time of their diagnosis.

Pooja Srivastav, Geopathic Stress and Energy consultant at Shreem International says, “While geopathic stress is not directly causing cancer, it weakens our immune system, making it much more likely to acquire cancer.

“High tension power lines, satellite towers, electric poles, or circuit breakers all send out high and low-frequency energy that may increase geopathic stress, as can everyday items like microwaves, cell phones, and wireless routers.”

She clarifies that geopathic stress is not an illness, but distorted natural energy that affects body energy leading to symptoms including tiredness, disturbed sleeping patterns, reduced energy levels, behavioural problems, slow or lack of response to medical treatment, among many others.