Arishma Maryam – The Beat Thrills

The Jugni beat makes you go wild. She has that rocking swing with the beat, and you are bound to call it the Dhol Drums. Pretty little Maryam, the dhol-banger is making heads turn. She is keeping all the cricket fans at the grounds attentive with her dum-dama-dum as the players slam a six or take a wicket. Her hands go into a blur with the heartbeats of the audiences, for instance at the PSL event. Whether it’s a bhangra beat or a military medium, the whole atmosphere livens up as she takes charge. She acknowledges that she learnt it from the iconic Gunga Saeen. Young Maryam, perhaps, got her pulse pounding, when she heard of that Eurasian beauty, Rani Taj, who Ataullah Essakhelvi called up for his Awami show. Well, Taj, probably, just mumbles in English, so she may also belong to the local shores; but, she surely looks Caucasian. Whatever may be the case, there are a couple of young girls taking up the rocky dhol. Aside from Maryam, there’s also Huriya Azmat – so, lotsa bamboostic stuff in the wings there!