You don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to own these, as they are designed to provide utter comfort to the mankind. Not only you will be simplifying your lives with these gadgets, you will also have a social advantage of looking smarter in your social circle.

Educational Talking Robot

Powered by advanced interactive technology, Woobo Educational Talking Robot acts as a kid-friendly search engine. By connecting to the internet, its skills keep growing, and information stays relevant. Featuring over 40 skill sets, the robot answers questions as well as inspires your child to learn. It provides a space for your child to imagine a world of possibilities and even takes fun ideas one-step further. Additionally, you can connect with your child throughout the day using the voicemail feature, which sends and receives recorded messages.

Eye Massager

Traveler’s Eye Massager can soothe you from eye fatigue during long road or flight trips. With the help of 10, 15 and 20-minute sessions, you will be able to experience a relaxing massage on your eye area that will eventually remove all pain concentric round the eye. There will occur gentle compressions and vibrations around the cheekbones which will seem equivalent to a temple massage. Also, by accompanying natural sounds in the process, the experience becomes even more magical. Just three hours of charge will be enough to sustain the device for a continuous use of two hours.

Privacy and Security Router

Protect all of your devices at once with the InvizBox 2 Privacy and Security Router. Without compromising on speed, this system protects you and your family from tracking, profiling, hackers, and more. As a fully functioning router, you can connect any laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or even smart TV just as you normally would. The device is compatible with any Wi-Fi capable device. In addition, you don’t need to worry about overloading the router. Each connected device has its own segregated traffic so downloads won’t interfere with each other. In addition, you can also link up the device to take your privacy and security on the road. It has an ad blocking system and offers geo unblocking as well as parental controls.