Baandi - Some Rays of Light!

I would appreciate Baandi, because the serial has a progressive touch at least, means there seems a wish to change the conditions! It’s not boring and dull like Zan Mureed.

For Aiman Khan, it’s always a win-win situation, because she has learned from every experience. The progressive rays will make her dazzle, and a meaningful, strong script will transform her. Sadly, in our serials, female artistes do not have any messages to convey and their characters

are not meaningful, except for a rare one or two. Every new actress, who enters this fray, has to go through a number of tearful roles, and get to be nick-named an overly emotional actress, before they catch a meaty role.

Aiman, an innocent face, has proved her mettle. In Baandi, she she runs away from a rural setting and a feudal mindset, but encounters a worse situation in the urban concrete jungle, with hypocrisy holding all the trump cards!