• 08 Dec - 14 Dec, 2018
  • Farheen Jawaid
  • Reviews

Netflix release Outlaw King is about the King of Scotts and his fight for freedom for his people and country. This is a routine historic film which surprisingly has enough panache to stand up among the more famous films in the genre.

The story begins in 1304 and the English have won the war. King Edward I (Stephen Dillane) has the surrendered Scott nobles pay homage to him in taxes, while giving men for war. One of the nobles is Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) and his family, whom Edward also commands to marry his Goddaughter Elizabeth de Burgh (Florence Pugh).

Romance, trust and respect blossoms between Bruce and his English wife Elizabeth, and over time Bruce sees the English oppressing the Scotts to the point he can’t accept. When his father dies, Bruce comes to a point of decision when William Wallace (the main character in Braveheart) is killed and his body is quartered and hung. Bruce stands up against the English in revolt. Few noblemen and their family join him against the English might.

Finely acted and directed with able hands by David Mackenzie (who also produces and writes with Bathsheba Doran, James MacInnes, Mark Bomback and David Harrower), Outlaw King is lavishly made with ample physical action that is shot in actual locations instead CGI in today’s CGI heavy movie world. It’s a bite sized history to a fault, with a lot valour and heroics. •