Tips To Reduce Cancer Risk

Here are a few things to practice and lifestyle changes to make which can reduce your risk of cancer:

Say no to tobacco

Not exactly news but smoking is linked with multiple types of cancer. If you aren’t the smoker yourself but keep company of smokers, you are exposed to second-hand smoke which also puts you at risk. Quitting is your best bet.

Fight obesity

While there isn’t a diet plan that can help reduce risk, it is deduced that avoiding obesity by opting for fewer high-calorie foods like refined sugars and fat from animal sources can help combat obesity and in turn, cancer. Also, say no to processed meats since they are known to increase chances of developing cancer. It’s been observed that women who consume the Mediterranean diet (extra-virgin olive oil, nuts, and plant-based foods) are reported to have a reduced risk of breast cancer.

Keep in shape

Being fit has numerous benefits, including reducing the risk of developing breast and colon cancer. Invest at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your health and get your body moving.

Sun protection

Try to stay indoors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and get yourself a pair of sunglasses and a big hat. Covering as much skin as possible also helps and opt for dark or bright colours since it helps reflect UV radiation instead of picking pastel shades. Also, sunscreen is your best friend. Make sure to reapply a few times a day and especially if you perspire too much.

Take medical care seriously

Like mentioned above, early diagnosis is key. In some forms of cancer, you may not be required to get a screening done and simply need to learn how to conduct a self-exam. The most common example of this breast exam. Seek professional help and learn how to do this right. Educate yourself on the basic evident symptoms and don’t hold back from getting medical attention when something doesn’t feel right.