Your Transitional Fashion Bucket List

A guide for you to keep rocking in style throughout the season with the best of trends

Wide and open

This season, flare and volume is what you are looking for. Gone are the days when pencil cuts and tapered fittings were the rage. Everything from sleeves and hemlines to pants is now your playground. Wide cuts, palazzos, bell bottoms, are all details that are comfortable and stylish. The best part is that these trends are more inclusive of different body types than their body fitting counterparts.

Edgy and proud

If you are looking to up the style quotient of your autumn/winter wardrobe, go for cuts that demand attention. Even if you are incorporating them in your daily wear, or simple printed apparel, opt for interesting and experimentative details on hemline, cuffs, collar, sleeves and pants. A simple trick that can transform your shirt or tunic is adding a waistbelt made of cloth in complementing or contrasting design and colour.

Florals die hard

One simply cannot remember a time when florals were not in fashion in Pakistan. Come winter, come summer, these patterns greet us season after season in digital prints, block prints, wire work, and thread embroidery. And there seems to be no reason to stop this craze, as women all around simply love it. If you are one of them too, don’t keep your love for florals confined to just clothes and think outside the box.

Cool vibes

An all-year-round summer might have spoilt your fashion choices and gotten you used to brighter shades, but don’t forget to stock up some bold and deeper colours for the season ahead. Going for sober colours and subtle prints gives you an opportunity to play around with cuts and other details, so take that advantage this season.

The bigger the better

Even though minimalistic fashion seems like the order of the day, there is no rule against going big and loud. Statement accessories definitely are the perfect choice for days you want to go for a subtle dress but still want to make an impact with the way you look. This way you can still get some use out of the accessories you thought to be outdated.

All things ethnic

Whether it is tribal jewellery or truck art bags we are talking about, ethnic style just sets you apart from everyone else in the room. This is why it is one of the most loved styles out there. Include printed or embroidered ethnic shirts, statement ethinic shawls or dupattas paired with a simple dress and ethnic acessories in your wardrobe to make it more fun.