Biryani of the Seas

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  • 22 Dec - 28 Dec, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Location: PSO House Prince Complex, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan
Avergae cost: Rs 1800 to 2000 approx

Nothing bonds Pakistanis like a cup of chai and a plate of biryani. In fact, both should be declared the national food and beverage of the country because they have the prowess to satiate more than just hunger; a delicious plate of steaming biryani satiates that right, it goes straight to the heart. While one can’t go wrong with the biryani (well, not at least in Karachi), we are always on the hunt for best biryani in town. And it said, the quest for best ever biryani finally ends when you come to Biryani of the Seas. I decided to put the theory to test one evening and I’d admit I was not disappointed. As the name suggests, BOTS offer seafood biryani amongst other sea-caught delicacies. In fact, it cited by some as the only restaurant in Ktown offering an extensive menu based on sea food items. I began my dinner with Prawn Tempura which were equal parts crispy and flavoured. In my past experince with fried prawns, I was always put off with them either over-fried or hardened because of thick batter, but these golden gems were delectable. I was particularly excited about their much-hyped Signature Spicy Prawn Biryani and then of course, you always have an odd pupil in the group who detests seafood, so for that offender we ordered Chicken Biryani. I took my time spooning steamy prawn biryani, let the spice and flavours hit the notes in my mouth. My verdict: BOTS signature prawn biryani was the best I had in a long while. Every ingredient, to the long-grained rice, the size, freshness and flavour of the prawns and aroma had me satiated and yearning for more. Usually with prawn or fish biryani, two things can be underwhelming – the lingering stench of seafood or the quantity of meat-to-rice ratio. BOTS fared well in both. However, the chicken biryani was very average by a restaurant standards, which specializes in biryani. But then again, it promises good seafood and apparently chicken biryani is not really their forte. The huge chunk of masala Red Snapper fish was another star of their menu and had my tongue seething with spice. The soft flesh melts in your mouth on first bite and you find joy in the fact that you don’t have to be wary of any spikes. Flavour-full green and garlic chutneys tweak each morsel you dip into them, being another good addition to the meal. With the seafood basics like prawns and fish being stellar, I think this is the place I’d like to experiment with renditions of lobsters, squid and crab cooked in Chinese or Pakistani style! •

TASTE 4 Stars

From the crispy starters of prawns to the prawn biryani and spicy fish; all were mouthwatering. Even the chicken biryani didn’t slack on taste, but with a place like BOTS you wish all biryani types fare better than average. For me, BOTS lived up to its hype!


Most restaurants at Boat Basin don’t really offer the best ambience and perhaps in this area, we don’t really expect much. BOTS has a prime location which offers both indoor and outdoor dining experience which many enjoy.

SERVICE 4 Stars 

Affable and helpful staff helps you navigate through the menu. They also have a good delivery service, which ensures that the meal is delivered hot at your door step.


There is not much you can do about presentation when it comes to desi food and specifically with biryani. But if your biryani appears good and appealing, it is as good as presentation.


I found the menu to be reasonably priced for seafood specialties that too, biryani which has been the talk of the town.