Watching the engrossing serial, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, episode by episode, one feels this is how we used to make our drama serial at one time. Even back in the 80’s, and 90’s, we had a realistic vision, as in Deewarein, Aasman Tak Deewar, Tapish, Neelay Hath, Barzakh etc. It’s really fascinating to see how life-like characters have been erected in this commercial bazaar of domestic serials. But, the loving relationship of Imran Ashraf and Asma Ejaz just blows me out.

It’s terrific to see how Imran Ashraf has made a name for himself in the arena, as a committed observer of a character. While most of our drama today is basically a battlefield of emotions on the home front, it focuses on the loud invective. Imran takes pains to play the real outlines of a person, as he showed, too, in Alif Allah Aur Insan. But, this one, in RRK goes far down the path. His delivery, the way he slows and quickens the pace, the way he indulges in drivel, and how he stutters and thickens his voice is amazing. You can see that the tragedy walks down ahead of him.

But, the best of it is the relationship of maa beta, Asma and Imran. You can see the sincere glow of her mamta for her mentally disturbed son. Asma is a brilliant artiste, and this time, she’s almost a visually moved mother, whose love touches all her facial contours. That scene, last week, when the kid, in his torment, puts blames on her, but soon, getting his wits back, reverses, and apologizes profusely, was just brilliant. And Asma, being a superb actress herself, reacted so beautifully, I must admit I haven’t seen this powerful a scene for at least eight months.