Gear up with Green

Earlier this year Pantone – that authority on all things colourful – decreed that the colour for 2017 was to be green, and the announcement certainly had an influence on the runway. One might not think of green as a good colour to wear in fall or winter, but when done right, green can become a good wardrobe presence. Our main tip when it comes to rocking anything green is to wear a shade of green that is darker and rich. The best things about wearing this colour is that it works brilliantly on all skin tones and will compliment almost any item in your wardrobe.

Greens you should wear

• Sage

Wear it as: Sage is a great hue for both, chunky and fine sweaters, as well as a relatively easy pastel to pull off on your bottom half.

Wear it with: Other pastels such as peach, yellow, or even baby blue. For darker hues, sage will pair nicely with navy or brown.

• Army

Wear it as: Army green is the most versatile and masculine of all the shades. It will look great in anything from a slim-fitting polo to a killer piece of outerwear, such as a field jacket or trench.

Wear it with: Consider this hue neutral and wear it accordingly; try to match it with something in an inky blue, like a chambray shirt or jeans. Or white – such as white leather sneakers or a T-shirt.

• Emerald

Wear it as: Emerald green is a darker, yet bright, shade of green, so it wears nicely as a solid, statement piece -– such as a quilted vest or lush hoodie – or to add a splash of contrast in a mostly autumnally hued, plaid shirt.

Wear it with: Try pairing it with stark white for a fresh look, as in; an emerald green polo with a pair of slim/straight white jeans.

• Hunter

Wear it as: The ultra-rich jewel tone will look great in everything from suiting to knitwear and on to accents and accessories such as ties, pocket squares, and killer shoes.

Wear it with: Darker green or other jewel tones, such as burgundy and amethyst. 

Look Book

Cool in camo

It’s strange to think there was life before camouflage. Once described as a fleeting trend, now a menswear mainstay, the military motif is the most standout way to go green. Whether you are wearing camo on T-shirts, trousers, jackets or coats, keep the rest of your look simple to allow the pattern to stand out and make its own statement.

Go monochrome

The trick to pulling off this look is varying up the colours a bit. Monochrome is always a solid choice for a tonal look, especially in autumn. When colours can’t clash, experimenting with print and shape is suddenly simpler to pull off.

Say ‘yes’ to suit separates

Olive green is a great alternative to the ubiquitous navy and grey suit. Green as part of the suit can be worn separately with other kinds of corduroys or chinos or even seersuckers. Olive is a kind of green that has some brown tones and sometimes yellow tones, and with a mottled yarn it creates more colour depth and helps you combine it with other colours.

Green pants are in

The popularity of cargo trousers has gone on to spur green shades of everything from chinos to denim. This is likely because the dark fabric allows whites to pop, making them your minimalist sneaker’s new best friend. Darker shades of green are a lot easier to combine with other colours.

Knit it to win it

Try a crew neck jumper in emerald green paired with jeans, a white button-down shirt and a dark jacket. The jewel tone, which works great with a darker skin tone, catches eyes.

Dress up in a dress shirt

Another menswear apparel where green is hardly ever seen is dress shirts. A light green dress shirt will go well with a madras tie and a brown suit. You could also wear it with a blue suit or even a gray one. A darker shade like olive green with pale white and ivory stripe is much better for winter.

Accessorise with green

Hats, scarves, watches and bags are all solid ways to add a subtle pop to a safer outfit, particularly when it’s important not to fall out of line in a smart office setting. It’s a wonderful colour that creates contrast on your white or light blue or otherwise pastel-coloured dress shirt.