Samsung to come up with phone cases to simulate humans ears


Whether you were into squishing foam or cutting soap, the strangely soothing sounds of ASMR [autonomous sensory meridian response] video definitely had a moment in 2018.

Now, research from Samsung may make those videos a lot easier to create. The company is previewing a new research experiment that uses AI and a phone case shaped like human ears to make it easier to create ASMR videos with just your phone.

It’s called the aiMo and the idea, according to Samsung, is to simulate the human ear. The combination of the case and AI is able to capture richer and more realistic sound, the company says.

ASMR is the strange phenomenon that causes some people to seek out videos with specific types of (usually soft, whispery) soothing sound. Over the last several years it's spawned its own niche of Instagram and YouTube videos.

But Samsung notes it will allow video creators to make ASMR videos even when they're outdoors, which would be a significant feat. Typically, ASMR videos require environments with little-to-no background noise in order to capture those strangely pleasing sounds.

Facebook’s first non-VR hardware product

Are you ready for Facebook’s first non-VR hardware product, to have a physical, semi-permanent presence in your home? That's the central question you'll need to consider before you invest in the company's new Portal or Portal+ speaker.

For most people, the smaller Portal is probably more than enough for simple video calls and listening to music. It's much more compact, with a 10.1-inch display. Both speakers have volume and mute switches on top and a power button on the back. You can also use voice commands to control volume and other basic functions by saying "Hey Portal” with a functionality being limited to controlling basic features and making calls. But if you want to use voice commands to check the weather or play music, you can use Alexa directly through the Portal.

Fortnite to make a whopping $3 billion profit this year

Since there is no age limit to playing internet games, the most talked of game of the year makes an epic $3billion, according to TechCrunch, citing a person familiar with the company's finances. Free to download from Epic Games, this last-man-standing cartoon-graphic game won the internet. It is said to have 200 million players, last reported in November. The game is a mix of encouraging players to scrounge for supplies, build makeshift shelters and compete against others helped make it a pop culture phenomenon since its release in fall 2017, drawing attention of sports and pop superstars like singer Drake.