RHA TrueConnect


Thanks to AirPods, wireless earphones are all the rage these days, and let’s admit, we all want them. RHA TrueConnect wireless headphones are one of the best on the market. While there are a few features that it might lack, it fulfils the basic criteria of ‘on-the-list-headphones’. They have a balanced, detailed sound quality, excellent design and structure, reliable connection and it’s such a perfect fit. However, it lacks an app to tweak sound settings and the buttons are a little mushy. Sporting a price tag of nearly $170, it does kind of break the bank but it will be something you enjoy. The battery time per charge lasts up to five hours and with the battery case can charge it up to another 20 hours. While, the idea of wireless headphones seems epic to most of us, the rest of us stuck with conventional earphones for two reasons. Reason number one is lack of bills to afford these expensive babies and reason number two is because we cannot deal with another gadget that needs to be charged. Hence, here’s a question. How long till tech companies realise solar-powered headphones can be a thing?