‘I used to be very hyper and competitive’

In a recent interview, Varun Dhawan was asked if he has made mistakes during his career. To this, the actor replied, "Initially, I used to be very hyper and competitive in my career. But I feel I haven't been like that in the last three years. I have changed in that sense. I have seen how the business has been evolving and today I want every film to do well and even better than Judwaa 2. I want the films of every person I am compared to and am reportedly in competition with to do better than mine. We are an industry, and we are all in this together and can't survive without each other. I feel it is high time we realise that. If we go against each other, or if we get happiness from other people's fall, then there is no way we will move ahead."

When asked what it felt like to work with David Dhawan, his father, for the second time, the Dilwale star replied, "I can't deny that I am lucky, as it's my second film with him. He is a very senior director who has done 44 films, so you can only learn from it. Just getting to spend time with him on sets is amazing. I must say he is a very different person on set than he is in real life."