Honor Band 4

Tech review

Honor fitness bands tend to pass unnoticed by many people, just like some Honor phones. However, the brand’s bands are a great way to get more features for less money than you’d pay for, say, a Fitbit. The Honor Band 4 is the most advanced fitness tracker from Honor yet. Highlights include a bright and cheery colour OLED screen, good battery life and a lithe design. Don’t expect too much from its more advanced parts, though. It can receive all sorts of notifications from your phone, which is great. But handling of WhatsApp messages and the rest is clunky. And while sleep tracking purports to be advanced, it often misses those middle-of-the-night wake ups. Then again, so do many trackers. There’s also a missing feature that limits its usefulness as a runner’s trainer. We don’t expect GPS at this price and size, but there’s no connected GPS mode either, which uses your phone’s location tracking to map your runs. The Honor Band 4’s comfort is not perfect but, again, is better than it initially seems. It has used a fairly tough, only slightly flexible kind of silicone rubber here. It feels tough, but a softer, stretchier material would let you achieve a tighter fit without a tight feel. Such a fit is important in a tracker like this that has a heart rate monitor.