Age of slogans

It all started with printed shirts with quirky inscriptions and slogans but now we are looking at all things fashion inscribed with messages. Welcome the new statement.

1- Crafty eye-shaped earrings to compliment your statement-savvy attire.

2- Yeah, that is pretty much it. This leather black box bag says it all.

3- Pack a loud punch of colours with this ‘feminist’ pendant.

4- Gold chain bracelet by Dolce & Gabbana seals the deal, in case You didn’t get the message.

5- Pop on these globes of golden studs to add the effortless style gimmick to your #outfitoftheday

6- Statement shoes that give motivation? Yes, we are all for them.

7- It’s the return of the scrunchies! Tie your hair up for an understated statement effect.

8- Jump the trendwagon with slogan phone cases which fetch you some positivity.

9- Put the ‘yay’ in your Friday with this Kurt Geiger cross body creation.