Way to go Chic!

Add new meaning to your definition of effortless chic with casual ensembles for daywear and nightouts. The current fashion trends are favouring immaculately cut trousers with simple belt detailing and loose tops, peeking geometric cuts. And then there are silk floral skirts which can never ‘skirt’ away from the fashion scene. Pair big bulbous skirts with pale pink halter neck tops. Another savvy trend is checked suits, spinning a more casual take when worn over a tank top. Add a chocker to seal the deal and put on a classic black baseball cap.

Runway fashion from the summers lusted on off-shoulders and pastel colours, but you can still keep it functional for winters by keeping a jacket backup. Adorn a statement necklace studded with vintage stones and roll your hair up in a messy bun. High-waisted jeans are all the vogue again, so make sure you cash on the trend. It is all about being, way to go chic!

Hair, make-up & photography: Akif Ilyas
Model: Halina Khan