Coffee with Greens: Genius or a sin?

Let’s get this straight. People who mess with a morning coffee of a student late to class, mom who had a long night and people who have to get work have a special place in hell (where they always serve bad coffee). But with keto and other diets on the rise, people are tampering with their cup of joe but we can’t seem to figure out if that’s good or needs to banned.

We saw coffee being served in avocadoes last year and this year seems to kick off with broccoli coffee, currently trending and subject of careful (and a tad bit biased) scrutiny.

Lead researcher behind the project, Dr Mary Ann Augustin, has explained how making the most of powdered vegetables could be beneficial for the health of consumers and also profitable for producers when added to smoothies, soups or baking mixtures.

“The powders are an option for farmers who wish to produce value-added vegetable ingredients for the lucrative functional food markets,” Dr Augustin said.

The broccoli powder consists solely of whole broccoli, with two tablespoons of the powder containing approximately one portion of the vegetable.

While the intention of the broccoli powder is to provide a wholesome way for coffee drinkers to increase their daily vegetable intake, is this trend as nutritious as consumers are being led to believe?

In 2011, a study published in the assessed whether vegetables that had been transformed into supplements could be as beneficial as they are in their original state.

The researchers came to the that the body absorbs far fewer of the nutrients found in broccoli when consumed in its supplement form.

However, another study published in the discovered that consuming a fruit and powder mix over a 90-day period can reduce an individual’s blood pressure.

While there are supposed health benefits to adding powdered vegetables to your diet in addition to the profitability of recycling vegetables that would have otherwise been thrown away, one of the biggest questions has yet to be answered: does broccoli coffee actually taste good?

The “broccolatte” is the next caffeine trend on the rise. While it is still in its initial phase, some people have said it tastes like “a bowl of green, milky mush”. But there will always be a group of people who will gulp down anything because it has nutritious value. People have said it’s a great way to take greens that are easy to skip and don’t look so appealing otherwise.