Worn by Cardi B, Hailey Baldwin and Rihanna, hoops now come in many different shapes and sizes.

What makes hoop earrings so appealing? Well, for starters, they’re easy to pair with almost anything, from peasant blouses to maxi dresses to band tees tucked into paper-bag-waisted bottoms. You can even wear a pair with a swimsuit while chilling oceanside. This is one of those cases where size does matter, though. Plan on saving your shoulder-sweeping hoops for collared tops and dresses; medium-sized ones go great with athleisure looks or off-the-shoulder pieces. Opt for tiny hoops if you’re also planning on working in a headband and shades.

The sleeper

This is the hoop for newbies to the trend – so tiny that these are practically not hoops at all. Wear if you want something discreet but you’re bored of studs. For an auricle-based update, have two or three different ones in each ear, possibly combined with an ear cuff. Tiny but mighty, in terms of fashion statements.

The midi hoop

This is a classic or playing it safe, depending on your point of view. Many love a midi hoop as an everyday choice. They can be chunky and gold – making an easy graphic statement that upgrades basics such as a chambray shirt or a

white T-shirt. Skinnier ones work, too - and they will lighten the load for your lobes.

The shoulder-grazer

Big fan of Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham circa 2003? Your hoops should reach your shoulders. Some call these oversized, but they’re clearly not thinking big enough. These look great with a hoody and a high ponytail. Be warned, though. However you wear them, these are the kind of earrings that start conversations.

The outlier

So far, all the hoops here have varied in size but have their circular shape and gold or silver finish in common. Enter hoops that aren’t really hoops at all – a curvy square, a spiky oval, even a hoop bent into the shape of a unicorn. This is the choice for those who don’t like to be defined. That means these can be worn with anything, obvious.