Café Flo

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  • 02 Feb - 08 Feb, 2019
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: D82/1, Block 4, Clifton. Karachi
Average cost for 2: Rs 4500 to 5000

The sophisticated upscale décor of Café Flo lures in the elite and the famous through its doors. This is a cafe that you can spot on almost every celebrity’s Instagram. At Flo, you are sure to bump into a celebrity or two as you bite into your ravioli. Famed and hyped for its exquisite culinary taste from the finest in France, a soothing ambience and its string of elite diners, the eatery has been around for a long time. A friend and I made ourselves comfortable at pristine white tables laid out in its outdoor garden-esque area in the late noon sun. As the evening beckoned, fairy lights shone sublime and pretty, entwined around the trimmed bushes, with soft music wafting in the air. We kick started our early dinner with fresh tomato soup with basil leaves, to set the note of the feast ahead. The soup had the perfect consistency with the dried, crushed basil leaves adding a smoky flavour to the tomatoes. We also tried the classic French onion soup served with a choice of artisanal herb buttered bread, which paired deliciously well with the soup. From the main courses we ordered Roasted Cumin Red Snapper and Chicken Asparagus. Red Snapper was grilled to perfection with wafting aroma of cumin, flavoured with just the right punch of seasoning. The fish tore at the slightest prod from the fork and melted right into our mouths, making for a delicious entrée. Chicken served with asparagus was one-of-a-kind dish – long, smoked asparagus skewered and stuffed with chunks of chicken, with white sauces dribbled over it; the amalgamated flavour of chicken, asparagus and sauce working amazingly well. We washed our meal down with rounds of Pina Colada and Mint Lemonade; both drink albeit common to the dinner table, yet so soothing to drink to calm searing taste buds. Our waiter convinced us to try desserts and although full to the brim, we acquiesced. And did not regret it. The chocolate mousse cake was average and paled next to the sugur rush of Pavlova with meringue and berries. Pavlova was sweetness personified, with yummy berries tweaking its taste at every spoonful! Despite the desserts being as delectable as they were, it was the main entrees, particularly the Red Snapper which won us over. There was quite a long bill waiting for us post this feast, but for the savoury flavours we enjoyed, it was almost worth it.

TASTE 4 Stars

Fine taste, both in food and service is what sets the eatery apart from other elite haunts. At Flo, taste is its testament.


During the daytime the eatery may appear to be dull and bland, but as evening creeps, the place is alive with muted lightening from fairy lights and soft pulsing music. Choose outdoors for brunches and dinners.


The staff is well mannered and trained, but it definitely obtrusive. You can also expect very little privacy as waiters are stationed outdoors even when you don’t need them.


Food was served neatly but the presentation could have been taken several notches up. And for the price, one does expect impeccable presentation.


Everything on the menu is priced outrageously high, but you shouldn’t be surprised for the eatery qualifies for an upscale one. But for the money, the portion sizes were also very unsatisfactory.