Sonya says sorry to Sorry

Despite the fact that this year has just begun, we are already looking forward to 2019 as it promises to be a year where we will get to watch many films releasing in Pakistan. One film which had our interest invested as it marked the return of our favourite Faysal Quraishi to films, happened to be Faysal and Sohail Javed’s joint production called Sorry: A Love Story. Initially alongside Quraishi, the film also starred Sonya Hussyn, Zahid Ahmed and Aamina Sheikh, but according to recent reports, Hussyn is now out of the film.

Sonya was announced as part of the film during a star-studded press event but she has now opted out of Sorry: A Love Story.

Eager to know what made Sonya opt out of the movie, we got in touch with Quraishi and this is what he shared with us on the matter.

"There is no dramatic reason attached to it, in fact Sonya had to begin shooting for another project Tich Button hence the problems of dates occurred."

Adding further the actor said, “It was a mutual decision and we decided that it was okay.”