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Mahira Khan @TheMahiraKhan

There is such power in energy, in every word we speak, every action, every prayer. I wish I could remember that everyday, but since I’m feeling insanely grateful today - here is a flying kiss to the universe and to all of you.

Shehzad Roy @ShehzadRoy

Class 9 student Ayesha's father told her he was breaking from family and societal pressure and fully supporting her to study as much she wanted. She translated his words into this. I wish I had a magic wand to scale @ZindagiTrust's art program to all government schools.

Fahad Mustafa @fahadmustafa26

Nudity, abusive language and just talking about sex is not content. lets not call it freedom of speech! Actors selling themselves very cheaply its not cool at all. Web series and short films needs to be a little dignified or they should just call it porn.

Shaan Shahid @iamshaanshahid

Dear prime minister sir we need a culture policy , I believe the potential in the entertainment industry is huge , if we want to export more then import then we must concrete our industries and entertainment industry is waiting for a policy.