Qandeel Case – The Mufti Rounded Up

You could say it in a roundabout way that he wanted out. As fate would have it, he is very much in, again. Well, Mufti Qavi, the rotund, short-statured guy with a penchant for selfies, is once again back to the witness box. Yeah, he had left the courtyard of the law chambers even before the faisla had been delivered by the judge. Some casual bystanders at the court noted that the chap exited the lobby like he had been fired from a cannon. Of course, he has been cornered for his questionable conduct with the murdered girl, Qandeel, but, his racy faraar from the adalat made headlines due to his unexpected alacrity. The run-up he took, leaving the crease like greased lightning, he could have delivered a real scorcher like Shoaib Akhtar. Sadly, the selfie came off. Yeah, he had pasted himself to a sofa in his car that was racing to Muzaffargarh, but, had just reached Sher Shah, when the law enforcers caught up with him, and took him in – without the helmet, mind you – there was a chink in the armour. Seemingly, he had kept his mobile phone on. Naw! Not another one?!