Toddler gets stuck in his own toy

  • 09 Feb - 15 Feb, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A 20-month-old boy in New Jersey couldn’t wait to play with his new toy. Unfortunately, he’s the one that ended up getting played, after he got stuck inside the toy – which was a box designed to teach shapes.

The boy’s mom, Soona Choe, told CBS New York that her son, Luca, somehow climbed into the box.

“It’s kind of comical if you think about the situation,” she told the station. “He got in, got wedged in, and he couldn’t get out.”

Somehow, the child climbed inside and wedged his legs and knees inside.

Choe said when she realised just how stuck her son was, she had to call 911 – which was a bit embarrassing.

Sergeant Rick Hernandez, the Fort Lee police officer who responded to the call, admitted the incident was kind of amusing. Although Hernandez says a truck carrying the jaws-of-life was on its way to the scene, he managed to free Luca just from his own sheer strength.