Lollywood Girls Making Headlines

What of the rangeen jhalak of a positively simmering, not to say shimmering Resham at a fashion ball; and what of the news item of the ubiquitous Meera having to reclaim her status of the still unhitched dosheeza, with the husbaand insisting “she’s my waf, beliew you me!” And then, Nirma saying she wants to act in the Punjabi flicks; it’s been a busy month for the Lollywood girls! Oh, but, one really misses those 90s. Sigh! Sizzling silvery attires that one won’t get caught wearing in a circus. And then some young, impressionable lass confiding in you that she likes to do sanjeeda roles. And as you exchanged bewildered glances with the shokh babe, she would ask the spot boy to bring sikanjeen for you. Sigh! As I said, the TV girls just don’t have that razzle dazzle. So, when Resham entered the fashionistas’ parade, she took the breath away with her Venetian red, sleeveless dress. It’s been months one has seen her in a drama serial – maybe, similar scripts are taking their toll on her. As for Nirma, I remember how she used to detest Punjabi flicks, where she had just two dances and three scenes. Now, she wants back in – maybe, because she knows there aren’t any Punjabi films being made nowadays. Ah, yes, one more… Laila insists she has rejected the humble hand of one Pak-British businessman, who wanted to gift her a palatial mansion, and the works. Well, according to Laila, she doesn’t want to marry yet. Afsos, Meera says something else that she wants to marry her brother. As for Laila, I’d say be compassionate; you know rejection could kill. The poor fellow needs handling.