Style Files: SYRA YOUSUF Knows How To Inspire Young Pakistani Girls

The actress’ fashion choices may have earned her respect from her peers and fans, alike, but Syra’s sense of style is much more than just being trendy. Here’s how her looks over the years have taught women what to follow when it comes to fashion.

Is there any look she can’t pull off? Usually seen in minimal make-up, Syra looks gorgeous here in this Alice-in-Wonderland inspired look. It just goes on to show that of you are comfortable, it reflects in how you carry yourself no matter what you wear.

The actress’ looks over the years have ranged from all sorts of cuts, designs and colours, and she has managed to pull off pretty much everything we have seen her in. The versatility in her aesthetic sense is something to learn from.

Syra makes being a mom look so much fun. Often seen twinning and enjoying outdoors with her kid in tow, she makes sure to keep comfort a priority while looking stylish.

Not being completely dependent on current trends doesn’t mean one has to let them go completely. Her look here combines several – balanced proportions, ethnic jewellery and statement dupatta.

Syra is an all-rounder; she is an inspiration when she dresses herself and looks like a complete diva even on the ramp while showing off elaborate designs by designers. What a complete fashionista!

At an exclusive party attended by who’s who of the fashion and entertainment industry, we saw everyone trying to outdo the other, but that is not the game Syra plays. She teaches us less is more time and again.

On one hand, she is known for her flaunting breathtaking gowns at award shows, but here, Syra shows that, it is not a prerequisite to make heads turn. Simpler choices, if done right, can be just as effective.

Only someone who is confident in one’s own skin and truly knows how to let go can pull-off in a low key attire with bare skin and no hair styling.

Syra is an undisputed queen of red carpets. Over the years she has made appearances in countless swoonworthy gowns proving that she can pull off any kind of outfit with grace. 

Lilac is a colour we don’t see celebrities wearing all too often. It’s a shade that requires one to take it easy when everyone else is trying hard to look grand but Syra pulls it off confidently.