Black Magic

Last Part
  • 20 Jul - 26 Jul, 2019
  • Nadeem Alam
  • Fiction

I think only three days passed and I had already started feeling the thirst. I was still in my subconscious level so I reduced my heartbeat to half. Within minutes, I felt lethargic and went to sleep again. The forty days which I spent in that freakish grave is the hardest time of my life. It was not only physically tormenting but psychologically I was wrecked into pieces. I saw my mother giving birth to me then the next thing I witnessed was the burning of my father by Rehman Baba and Kamal Khan in Ajmer Sharif. I also saw what happened to Shahzadi in Surdeep’s village and I also got a glimpse of Saman sitting on the beach. I would have not survived this ordeal without the help of Shamshar. He had taught me how to control my mind. He had shown me that our mind is the most powerful tool given to us by the nature. The best thing about our brain is that the more we use it, the more active it becomes. While lying down in the grave with Faizan’s skeleton, I learnt about the miracles of mind. In real life, we see what we want to see. Our mind blocks all the negative thoughts or the things we don’t like. What we see is limited by our imagination. What if we imagine to be become invisible, will our physical state abide by our wishes? I learnt from my time in seclusion is that our physical body does not violate the laws of nature. We can however make our soul to travel to the supernatural realm. Soul is nothing physical. It is our consciousness. It is our imagination and our thinking. We can best describe it as our shadow. I learnt to control my mind. It enabled me to do wonders in life. I got answers to every problem and every challenge in the world. I cured my disease by isolating that part of brain which was making it happen. People did not believe me and tried to execute me for my knowledge.

The last few days in Faizan’s grave were excruciating. The skeleton was back. Its absence was mere my own imagination. I was dug out alive by Fazlo Baba and Shamshar. I had turned into a skeleton myself. Shamshar had applied special ointment on my entire body which kept insects and worms away from me. I fully recovered from this ordeal in six months. Shamshar had long left. Kalsoom took good care of me. I did not have any more epileptic episodes. The day I stepped down from my bed, I felt as having conquered the world. The flashes in my brain were initially too powerful to control but with passage of time I was able to cool down my nerves and exercise patience. I could access and control every bit of my brain. I was able to move things with my thoughts, ignite fire by mere thinking about it, I was able to read other people’s minds and I could travel at the speed of light. Now was the payback time.

I talked to Kalsoom about Saman and she encouraged me to find her. She knew, I did not have any feelings for her. I respected her for being my best friend’s sister. I had agreed to the marriage only on the insistence of my mother. Kalsoom was in 7th month of pregnancy now and I was anxious to see my child before I go out to take my vengeance. In another two months I was blessed with a beautiful daughter and we named her Shahzadi. It was then that I departed to Surdeep’s village. I could have destroyed the complete village by mere sitting in Lahore but I wanted to see them burn in hell with my own eyes. I wanted to smell them rot to ashes. The fire inside me was burning high. I crossed the border at night and was able to reach Surdeep’s village by next evening. I could have traveled fast but I wanted to go their physically. Fazlo Baba did not let me go alone this time. He sent two guards with me. I had told them not to interfere in anything I do or else they will get destroyed themselves. They were only supposed to protect me while I was asleep and I hardly slept during this venture. That night turned out to be the last night for Surdeep’s village. I had not yet leant to forgive. The sun had just set when using my powers I collected each and every person of that village in an open field and rained fire on them. While standing on nearby mound with my guards, I did the most deplorable thing in my life.

Burning down of Surdeep’s village acted as a slippery slope. I never looked back. I destroyed my every enemy including Nawab Sadiq who had fled to England. I reached there as well and he was too scared to face me. I gave him a heart attack and that was enough for him to die. I also found Saman, brought her home and got married to her. I also went to Ajmer Sharif again. Rehman Baba was not glad to see me. He was though skeptical of my claim of having cured my disease. It was there that I learnt about the fate of Mohsin and his family who had opted to stay back after partition. I was really heart broken.

Amazing things I did with my supernatural powers require another life time to describe. At the age of 70, I am hiding in my village near Bahawalpur. My daughter Shahzadi had the same disease. I could not cure her and she died at the age of 25. My mother, Kalsoom and Saman were killed because of my actions. Fazlo Baba also died defending them. I made too many enemies. I destroyed too many people. Some of them had powerful creatures in their control which are hunting me for long. The safest place for me now is a small hut in the desert. •