4 tools to ransomware thwart attacks


Silent, deadly and constantly evolving, ransomware is never far from your computer. Choose from these tools to protect your computer.


RansomFree is a free anti ransomware tool from the enterprise security company Cybereason. It is easy to use and blocks some threats, but could be bypassed by smarter malware. It works largely by deploying and monitoring ‘bait files’, test folders and documents, which it adds to all your drives; fixed, removable and network. These are positioned so that ransomware should encrypt them first, and if that happens, the program kills the offending process and alerts you to the danger.


This ransomware tool protects local, removable and network drives, and even shields your MBR (master boot record) from attack, an extra you rarely see in free anti ransomware software. The program uses multiple techniques to detect threats, including looking for programs adding themselves to your startup lists, changing system files etc.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware for Business

It is a powerful free ransomware blocker that uses file and behaviour monitoring technologies to detect and block any threats. Despite the name, this isn’t solely a business product. The program will run happily alongside other security software in your PC, and it’s an easy way to add a second layer of protection to your existing system.


Developed by a Korean security company, the lightweight package of AppCheck is an easy-to-use anti ransomware tool for Windows that offers three layers of protection. The program’s free build will probably be enough for experienced home users, but if you need its extra features, go for AppCheck Pro.