• 20 Jul - 26 Jul, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly

Tacos. You eat them all the time. You may even make them at home. You could be eating the Americanised crispy-shelled version popularised by Taco Bell or downing more authentic tacos using soft tortillas with various types of meats and salsas.

What we like about this show is what we like about most shows of this nature; the cinematography is amazing, the interviews are spot-on, and the filmmaker’s concentration isn’t just on the food, but the traditions and history around it. Most of all, though, it brings you right to the street-side stands in Mexico City, like the ones on the street leading to the airport, or the one that’s a car repair shop by day, or the one where servers literally run tacos out to cars that are parked down the street. It makes us want to go there and experience these scenes ourselves, and the food is only a small part of that experience.

Other episodes in the six-part will examine other types of tacos, from ones with carnitas, carne asada, barbacoa and more, examining their origins and the regions in Mexico that serve the best of that type. We can’t wait to watch.

Can you tell we liked this show? Yes sir.
– Compilation