Millennial workspaces

Spending more than one-third of the day at your desk? That's reason enough to personalise the office, especially considering it quickly becomes your second home. Not that we need a reason to want a cute office but let the creativity be channeled into the physical realm. Here’s our pick on how to keep the office less-boring.

Colour and character

If there’s one thing millennials can do is keep things interesting – keep the vibrancy alive in your workspace with work-appropriate artwork. 

Comfy chairs

There’s no room for the mundane bore of an office chair, keep it classy and comfy but most importantly, interesting. 

Table clock

A touch of metallic and the vibe of tech – if that doesn’t qualify as millennial workspace, then we don’t know what does. 

Moody hued lamps

Metallic-but-not-so-metallic lamps in neon colours bring life to the room. Don’t hold back, find the quirkiest shade to make your desk interesting. 

Unfussy desk

Ditch the overly compartmentalised, oversized desks and opt for homely feels of a walnut desk to understate the office-y look. 

Quirky pieces

Add character and texture to amp up the visual experience of your office with curious looking pieces, the weirder, the better. 

House plants

Something about the green of plants - they seem to make the space their own in any theme.