‘Mega Death’ takeaway meal that contains over 4,000 calories

  • 20 Jul - 26 Jul, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
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If you were torn between which type of take out to get, one chef has come up with a calorific option that combines several different fast foods such as chips, curry and pizza.

Scottish-born Chris Orr, 39, has launched the ‘mega death’ Govanhill Munchie Box at his restaurant Wee Man's Kitchen in Victoria, Australia.

For $50, the 12-inch pizza box is filled with a range of snacks that could "give you a beautiful heart attack", proclaims the chef.

This includes deep fried pizza, chips with curry sauce, eight hot buffalo wings, Haggis pakora, two battered sausages, seekh kebabs, cheddar slaw, chicken tikka and a selection of sauces – including HP 'broon' sauce. According to the menu this mega creation will feed two "starving" people or is enough for four if you're feeling "caring".

The entire feast is thought to contain more than 4,000 calories, which is double our average daily consumption, with women needing only 2,000 a day and men needing 2,500. Chris claims to have had the idea for the epic meal in his head for a while, but initially wasn't sure how it would be received as Melbourne is “quite a healthy place.” But he says the Munchie Box has already proved very popular with families and some people come in regularly to eat one.