If there is one standout message from Paris Couture Runways, it’s that power dressing is returning big this time. All throughout fashion month, there were nods to strong women and female empowerment, and designers communicated this message with the clothes they were sending down the runways. No matter which way you slice it, power dressing is on the rise, and we can’t wait to plan our office wardrobes around it.

Influence and inspiration

Female designers have already stolen the spotlight at Paris Haute Couture Fall 2019. In succeeding the late Karl Lagerfeld, Viard has joined Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior and Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller in leading one of Paris’s most storied maisons, making for a trinity so powerful that their influence seems to have already trickled into the taste of those on their way to and fro shows.

Big shoulders and electric hues – 80’s

For one, the ’80s proved a prominent reference point across the board. Trends like big shoulders, power suits, and electric colours were everywhere – and it’s no surprise. After all, the ’80s were when power dressing exploded and women adopted larger-than-life silhouettes like shoulder pads and suits to convey authority at the office.

Modern makeover

But now, the original power dressing pieces have received a modern makeover. Just look to Alexander Wang, who sent out minidress versions of office-inspired outfits. Or Balenciaga, who took the idea of a tailored suit jacket and added a runway-ready flair via exaggerated hips.

Boardroom confidence

Despite the summer heat, many guests opted for statement jackets, as suitable for the board room as they were for the front row. Some went for statement bags that could double as briefcases, and even more dressed down looks like exercises in casual Friday power dressing.

All for nudes and blacks

Plenty attires were spotted in shades of nude and black, with staples such as loose silken trousers and sharp-shouldered jackets with and without lapels. Details were discreet, such as a checkerboard quilting, tiny tulle frills on seams on formal shirts. Yes you can be feminine and powerful at the same time.

1) Wrap it ‘round

No matter whether it’s the dead of winter or the height of summer, a scarf can be used to adapt to your outfit in various ways. Pair it with a smart coat or jacket to keep the chill off your neck without the bulk of a regular scarf while on-the-go. Once at your meeting, you can wear it loosely off your shoulders or draped around the neck. During the warmer months, tuck a silk scarf into a sweater or wear it over a plain top in homage to the iconic Hermès-styled tradition. Adding a plush texture and pop of pattern to otherwise simple ensembles, this eye-catching and timeless addition instantly upgrades any outfit

2) Strap a watch & be on time

Jewelry has gone hand in hand with women’s dressing since the dawn of time. Earrings draw attention to the shape of your face, while a necklace accentuates your neck and shoulders. In a professional environment, it’s best to steer clear of wearing any large or flashy earrings, as they can be distracting when people are trying to focus on your face and what you’re saying. Instead, a colourful necklace can brighten up an otherwise drab outfit. For the ultimate professional impact, pick a classic wristwatch that offers both practical and stylish appeal.

3) Clinch Custody

Regardless of whether you are opting for tailored trousers, a skirt or structured dress, wearing a belt is not only a practical inclusion but can add a more tailored look to your outfit. By nipping your clothes in at the waist you can define your figure in a sophisticated way. Opt for a chunky patent waist belt or a slim leather strap to fit with the style of any look. Not only can a belt offer a new colour tone to your ensemble, but a more professional polish too.