Letters To The Editor

”Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” 
– Mark Twain

Load-shedding menace

As the monsoon season approaches the city, unannounced power cuts every few hours and load shedding has the citizens troubled. These power breaks last for hours and take place as frequent as four times in a day. This is alarming because Karachi is at present undergoing a full swing of summer heat wave, and the electricity issues further exacerbating the living conditions. It is speculated and dreaded that the load-shedding will get more frequent and worse as its forecasted that Karachi will experience heavy showers in the coming weeks.

Lamya Akhther,

Complete tech-over

We live in a world of constant evolution where technology has positive changes as well as negative impacts. We are constantly engrossed in our phones, laptops and social media that we merely have time for our loved ones. We are missing out on live communications and have turned ourselves into digital zombies. As a result, the younger generation is more into a habit of haring their feelings through social media rather than sharing with their loved ones that leads to loneliness and depression. Technology has created an emotional distance between people. To maintain healthy relationships with each other we need to minimize the use of technology in our lives. We need to give ourselves room to breathe without all these gadgets and start spending time with people.

Surraiya Ahmed,

Public transports and its drivers

Our public transport is already in a pitiful condition, but what exacerbates the situation is their drivers, who drive very rashly. Their careless driving puts the lives of passengers at risk. According a report, in every two day, five fatal accidents occur in Karachi. Further, it is said that about 30,000 accidents are reported in each year and there are many cases which go unreported. Therefore, the road accidents are being common due to the reckless driving. The drivers never abide by traffic rules and break the traffic rules. Since there is no check and balance in the city regarding local transports, it is high time, the concerned authorities and traffic police of Karachi should take strict action regarding this life threating issue.

Almirah Khan,

The education business

The majority of private schools have no intention of increasing the standard of education or improving the literacy rate as they are just focused on earnings. Strict and meaningful action must be taken against private school mafia which is milking parents under different excuses. Parents are forced to buy books, copies, stationery, and uniform from such shops where they have to pay 300 to 400 percent more than the market rate. New curriculum is introduced every year so that students cannot use old books, which is a way to extract money from parents. The government should immediately stop the merciless mafia from plundering the masses in the name of education.

Momina Kareem,