It’s not quite often when one come across someone so passionate about preserving art and culture as Farhan. Be it regional music, dying instruments or even local fashion, the proud and well-practiced Farhan has taken it beyond the border where his work is celebrated and loved. Playing the rubab with Khumaariyan the band, Farhan also inspired the revival of the musical instrument in the region becoming an icon with the youth. MAG sits down with Farhan for 60 seconds for a closer look at the artiste’s life. Excerpts follow:

Career-defining moment?

Tamasha and Ya Qurban.

Happiness is…

My band and my family.

The key to success is…

Knowing when to act like a professional.

Hardest life lesson…

Resisting change is futile.

What inspires you?

Pakistani youth.

You, in two words?

Artist & entrepreneur.

Advice to your younger self…

Learn to let go.

Greatest life achievement?

I’m still alive so maybe I’ll get back to you when I’m 80.

Biggest joy?

Being able to do what I love as work.

Something you still want to learn?

Learn to always have hope in the forms of art.