Taking tee-cues from A-listers

Call them graphic or statement tees, if you may, as they make for the effortlessly cool sartorial choices. The best part, they will make it through all weathers, when layered. Also, if you were to arrange your closet from casual to ultra-fancy, T-shirts would fit in somewhere very close to the casual end. However, learning how to dress up a T-shirt is a skill that everyone should master. As our perceptions change about what constitutes as workwear or party clothes, the humble T-shirt has emerged as a comfortable, versatile piece that can easily be incorporated into multiple outfits.

Skirt it around like Maya Ali who keeps it summer-sleek and casual by pairing a multi-colour crinkle skirt and electric-blue stilettos.

Mahira Khan does casual like no other by making the simplest outfits work on her. The starlet pairs a white ‘feminist af’ t-shirt underneath faded blues jeans and plucks on black sunnies for a laidback look.

Learn a lesson or two from Hania Amir, who makes a casual graphic t-shirt work for an after party, with subtle glam. She pairs a body-fit denim skirt underneath and flaunts a bold red pout to spice things up.

Always sartorially-impeccable Hocane sisters change the graphic t-shirt game with their new clothing line. Urwa flaunts a t-shirt with specks of coloured lettering while Mawra rings the 80’s nostalgia with cute illustrations on her tee. 


Brighten up any outfit, perfect for chic day look or statement evening look. Slim detachable hoop with ‘Desire’ slogan!

Is that too much to ask?

Shoes don’t want to miss out on the graphic trend.