New Superhero on the block

It should have taken a hero of enormous stature to stand up and outshine the Avengers, but Tom Holland did it with little more than superheroic likability. Okay, that and a Spider-Man suit. It helps that he looks every inch the matinee movie star, with a wardrobe to match. Holland’s style brings together contemporary items with a classic leading man vibe. If your style sense is tingling, get some wardrobe inspiration from his best looks below.

Going Long

Bringing something new or unique to the red carpet is a risk: death or glory, in style terms. In this case, Holland nails it. Instead of going all out on colours, he plays with formality thanks to the unusually long jacket. Beneath the jacket, Holland shows off one of the first rules of easy men’s style: if in doubt, pare down with neutral colours and unfussy combos.

Suede & Stripes

Continuing his knack for squeezing every last drop of modern style from retro-inspired items, here’s a look that’s pure vintage.

There’s a ‘70s feel to the striped shirt (with open collar for extra street cred), a ’60s Easy Rider-looking suede jacket with a contemporary cut, and a touch of the ’50s thrown in with Holland’s pushed back side-parting. It’s an outfit that spans at least three decades, but the overall feel is timeless.

Pushing Back the Years

Another of Holland’s more manly looks, this invokes the spirit of movie stars from eras past – including stylish alphas such as Cary Grant, Robert De Niro – mostly thanks to a tonal outfit that rolls back the decades. There’s a throwback ’50s feel to the striped, open-collar shirt and the combination of dark green and burgundy (seen for the second time on this list) shows that he can take on boss-level colour combos and win.

Hollywood Fall Guy

This dapper combo shows off Tom Holland’s love for autumnal colours and it’s almost his sense of style in one look – slick tailoring with plaid trousers, a plain T-shirt to dial down the formality, and an air of classic Hollywood leading man brought into the modern day with the interesting colour palette.

Brogues without socks are a risk but work thanks to the cut of trousers and well-matched colours.

The Name’s Holland, Tom Holland

Taking a leaf out of the book of everyone’s other favourite style hero, James Bond, this suit wouldn’t look amiss on Daniel Craig. Though Holland would be the first to admit that he doesn’t quite have that kind of beef, so relies on a cutaway collar and windowpane check to broaden the torso.

He keeps it simple with a two-tone blue combo – a tonal match that never fails with formalwear – and adds a three-colour striped tie and shake and stir the formality.