• 03 Aug - 09 Aug, 2019
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

The concept of customising – make-your-own food and drinks – have excited Karachiites since the longest time, with restaurants jumping ship with the idea. Latest on the block with this feature is the eatery, Muokata – a name which literally translates to make-your-own in Finnish. Huddled at the cosy lane at Bukhari Commercial is the newly-sprouted eatery, with its glass exterior, luring passers-by with its graphic-illustrated concrete walls and cosy interior. Stickered promises of Tacos, Hunter Beef and Drinks welcome you as you make your way past the glass doors. A grey wall is dedicated to curiously-cute hand painted selections from the menu, spelling the eatery’s name in bold lettering. Ploughing through the menu, we found the selections interestingly diverse for a two-month-old eatery. The owner personally tended to us, suggesting we try out their Beef Platter which is their ultimate best-seller – selecting jalapeno flavour from their in-house sauce offering. We chose Steak Chicken Strips in mushroom flavour, Special Tacos from their Taco’s section and settled for Creamy Mushroom from pasta’s section. In a surprisingly-short wait of ten minutes, the Hunter Beef platter arrived on our table wafting an enticing aroma of spiced meat, roasted potato sides and toasted pita bread. Shreds of smoky hunter beef were flavoured to perfection; their spice quotient perfectly balanced with sharp traces of jalapenos. Making for small morsels with pita bread, the overall taste was too good to resist. By this time our tacos had arrived, making for a colourful culinary masterpiece on our table. The considerably-big tacos were full to the brim with chicken chunks, sauces and veggies, topped with dollops of cheese. Our server with practiced flourished, brandished a lighter and melted the cheese topping with its flame. Crispy tortilla cocooning the spicy chicken shreds, tiny cubes of capsicum and tomato in a salsa marinade made for a delight for taste buds, balancing saucy and spicy measures into one. Steak Chicken Strips were presented on a wooden tray, gently tossed in spinach cream and mushroom sauce. Flavoured to perfection, with little trace of spice, the thick strips dipped into the accompanying salsa sauce were delicious. All fettucine pastas I have tried carry a similar underlying flavour and Muokata’s wasn’t any different, except for being slightly spicy. The addition of sundried tomatoes injected a distinct kick to the creamy mushroom, with grilled chicken strips working like cherry on the top. We washed it down with swigs of MYOD specials – plum slush and Arabic champagne. Plum slush stood out to be a highlight for me, infused with fresh plum cuts and mint leaves. By this time we were too full to even move, but the owner insisted we end things on a sweet note. We couldn’t resist the sound of Marshmallow Belgian Chocolate Crepe. It took around ten minutes for it to arrive, by which time we considered cancelling the order – but once it landed on our table, we knew it was worth the wait. The freshly-made, warm crepe was stuffed with marshmallows, dribbled with Belgian chocolate and a dollop of ice-cream. Forking into the dessert, the taste of slightly-burned chocolate and chewy marshmallows, made it for a dessert I’d remember for some time now.

Location: Shop #7 Plot #21 C, 8th Commercial Lane, Khayaban-e- Bukhari, Phase 6, DHA
Average cost for 2: Rs 1000 to 1200 approx.


It is rare to find eateries – particularly the newer lot – to nail every dish they serve. Remarkably, Muokata managed to hit the right notes on all that was spicy, saucy and sweet.


The setting is small and cosy, with vision of flames from the kitchen injecting a lively mood to the setting. Instgramming their cutely-illustrated wall is a must.


The staff is courteous and receptive of your taste inclinations and happily navigates you through the menu. Fresh, piping hot food arrives at your table just in time.


Neat and immaculate does the job here. Special mentions to the beautifully curated and colourful tacos!


All dishes are moderately priced and good for sharing amongst friends, without burning a hole in your pocket.