Exotic Vietnam

If you are seeking epic adventures, unique experiences, mouth watering foods and ancient historical sights, Vietnam is the place for you.

Explore dramatic mountains in the North, stop in for some food on a roadside eatery and a friendly chat with the locals before heading South to party the night away on the streets. Many travellers opt to explore Vietnam on motorbikes which is hands down the best way to get around if you have plenty of time and can afford to linger rather than to just rush through Vietnam’s tourist sites. Cheap accommodation and so much adventure to pack in one vacation, Vietnam is gonna take your breath away with its majestic mountains and lovely terrains.

Ha Long Bay

Surrender in Ha Long Bay

You really can’t go to Vietnam without visiting Ha Long Bay. Unfortunately, it is quite crowded with tourists and boats and there are concerns about the way the environment is being protected – but it’s still a natural wonder that is not worth missing out on. Giant rock formation covered in moss and the turquoise blue waters tend to leave you in awe. With a lazy day to be spent on the beach and not much else to do, there isn’t exhaustive detail to be added to a Ha Long Bay itinerary but you simply can’t make one without this pristine beach on the list of to-do. If you plan on spending the night and don’t mind roughing it, then you can stay on one of those junk boats floating on the sea. Sounds like an adventure you should put on your bucket list.


History in Hanoi

Centre of political life in Vietnam for over 1,000 years, Hanoi is home to a wide range of temples, museums and historical buildings. Modern Hanoi combines ancient life in Vietnam with development, busy traffic and constant commercial activities. Popular attractions in Hanoi include the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, two memorials to the famous revolutionary leader. The Temple of Literature, one of Vietnam’s most famous Confucian temples, is an incredible historical site in the centre of Hanoi dating back to 1070. Aside from historical attractions, there are plenty of things to do in Hanoi.

West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi that’s surrounded by hotels, parks and public areas. The Old Quarter itself contains a great selection of artisan shops offering handcrafted clothing, shoes and other products, as well as the usual market items, a stroll through the market may be worth your time (and your money). Despite its aged and worn down exterior, the impressive 19th century St. Joseph’s Cathedral [built in Notre Dame style], is a major landmark in Hanoi.

Adventurous in Phong Nha Ke Bang

The reason you’ve come to Phong Nha is to see the caves. Did you know that the world’s largest cave is here? It’s so large that you could fly a Boeing 747 through it! The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is one of the least known of the world’s top natural wonders. That’s not to say it’s completely off the map – domestic tourism is popular here and the number of backpackers who pass through is definitely increasing. To protect one of the biggest caves, Hang Son Doong, the number of visitors each year is limited to just 300. They have to trek for days to get there and the trip costs at least $3000. While not everyone can have the luxury to do that, there are other caves in the system that can still be explored like the Paradise Cave. It is 34 kilometres long and got its name because some of the first explorers were so amazed by the rock formations that they thought it looked like paradise.

Nha Trang

Relaxing in Nha Trang

Vietnam’s most popular beach resort city, Nha Trang, is at a short one hour flight from Saigon. Nha Trang has a couple of kilometres of relatively pristine white beach along which the town’s roads run parallel, topped off with a climate that feels much fresher than sultry Saigon thanks to the sea. Most of the town’s hotels and cafes are grouped around the streets nearest to the seafront, making it easy to wander back and forth from the beach. The large transient population of farang tourists means Western food, toiletries and secondhand books are all plentiful in Nha Trang, ensuring there’s very little stress to interrupt those lazy days. In addition to diving and relaxing on the beach, Nha Trang has a variety of attractions. Long Pagoda, a stunning Buddhist temple, is one of the city’s main cultural sites, offering a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the beach as well as a jaw dropping view of Nha Trang.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh

Still known to many locals as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s busy economic hub and the nation’s fastest growing city. Beautiful grand old hotels, excellent food and a variety of interesting museums make it a fun destination. Towering above Ho Chi Minh City’s thousands of tall, thin townhouses is the massive Bitexco Financial Tower that offers a fantastic view of the city at The Saigon Skydeck on the 49th floor.

From war museums to beautiful colonial buildings, Saigon has a great selection of sights for travellers. Ben Thanh Market is a large indoor market and a top landmark where you’ll find a great selection of goods on sale, from clothing to accessories, electronics, souvenirs, handicrafts and more. A word of advice: bargain like your life depends on it. Known for its beautiful French colonial buildings, Dong Khoi Street is an important commercial street. The street’s architectural highlights include the Saigon Central Post Office, designed by Gustave Eiffel, and the Saigon Opera House. District 3’s War Remnants Museum offers an interesting look at the Vietnam War and the earlier French occupation of Vietnam where a selection of war machines and vehicles, including a tank and fighter planes, are on display.