Natalie Portman to play female Thor

Natalie made a surprise appearance at the Marvel Studio’s panel during Comic Con International: San Diego. She announced that she will play the title superhero in the fourth film of the franchise, Thor: Love and Thurder. Don’t be disappointed, Chris Hemsworth who played Thor in the first three films and the Avengers movies, will also return in his role.

Natalie has previously played Thor’s love interest and leading astrophysicist Jane Foster in the first two films of the Thor franchise. She was not in the third edition, Thor: Ragnarok. But fans of the hit franchise speculated her return as a footage of her from Thor: The Dark World was shown in this year’s Avengers: Endgame with a new voice-over.

According to Hollywood news reports, director Taika Waititi shared that he read Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor comic series, which depicts Jane as a female Thor.

“So, there’s only one person who can do that,” Waititi said, referring to Natalie Portman. The actress then took the stage and was handed a replica Mjolnir hammer. “This feels pretty good,” she said adding, “I’ve always had a little hammer envy.”