• 03 Aug - 09 Aug, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly

Before the season finale, we saw Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), Denver (Jaime Lorente Lopez), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Helsinki (Darko Peric), Monica/Stockholm (Esther Acebo), Bogotá (Hovik Keuchkerian), and Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna) enter the Bank of Spain under the direction of The Professor/Salvador Martin and Raquel/Lisbon. Their goal? To steal 90 tons of solid gold bars by melting them into tiny grains – and to retrieve Rio, who was captured and getting tortured by the authorities.

Meanwhile, The Professor and Lisbon were on the run from the police, trying to prevent themselves from getting captured. The Professor spent his time communicating with negotiator Alicia Sierra in an effort to get Rio back, without getting traced. As if that weren't enough, this all goes down as The Professor also gets in touch with Marsella, who at this point is just seen riding around on his bicycle.

Eventually we see that The Professor and Lisbon's genius plan to trick the police by running into a forest doesn't work. They didn't take into account Lisbon's climbing gear, and yep, she ended up having to hide in a chicken coop.

Assuming there will be a season four, we expect to find out more about Tatiana since she could blow everyone's cover by revealing what she learned from Berlin. Or, in another twist, she could help them out since she's a skilled thief herself. That is all, of course, hypothetical.

With season three ending on such a cliff-hanger, viewers must have a ton of questions like: where are the police taking Lisbon? Is Tatiana, Berlin's former girlfriend, ever going to show up?