Netflix: Massive drop of $17 billion in value


Netflix shed $17 billion in value as Wall Street punished the leader in streaming media for announcing a day prior that it added only 2.7 million subscribers in the most recent quarter, far shy of the 5 million it had previously forecast. In trading volume more than five times its daily average, the stock sunk 10 percent as analysts digested the news, which included the fact that Netflix lost U.S. subscribers for the first time since launching its streaming product, meaning that the entirety of its gain came from international territories.

Google: It’s over for Dragonfly

The controversial Chinese search engine previously in development by Google that raised privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns is finally, officially, no more – at least according to Karan Bhatia, Google's vice president of global government affairs and public policy. In a congressional hearing, Bhatia assured Senator Josh Hawley that the project is over. "As we’ve said for many months, we have no plans to launch Search in China and there is no work being undertaken on such a project," read the statement. "Team members have moved to new projects.”