Coastal Vibes

When you can’t wake up to the beach every day, bring the beach home! Decorate your bedroom in the colours of the ocean to start your day on an imaginatively-serene note. Hues of teal, sapphire, powder blue, cobalt and turquoise shall paint a calming picture you would look forward to returning to everyday… or maybe not leaving at all! Not all blues we want to get rid of.

Table lamp

To stick with the theme only in colour, and zero compromise on classy yet quirky, is this modern mason-jar like lamp. Isn’t it exactly what your nightstand needs?

Mermaid accessory

If you’re going thematic, why hold back? This ceramic and metallic piece will amp your room to the theme, bringing it on point.

Ceramic vase

For a cultural touch, add this Turkish art inspired vase to your room, it has the potential to make its place and look good in any setting.

Anchored rug

In case you are an anchored down person….. or is that too cute?

Throw pillows

Channel your quirk and love for the beach with these pillows that play oh-so-well with your theme.


A mirror completes a room… and an over-the-top embellished with sea creatures finishes the vibe of the room with a punch.