With Virat around, world ceases to exist for Anushka

Ever since actress Anushka Sharma got hitched to the love of her life, cricketer Virat Kohli, the two have been painting the town red. The couple has left no stone unturned to speak about the finest things in their relationship whenever they get an opportunity. Recently, Anushka got all candid when she opened up about the nature of relationship she shares with her darling husband. Speaking to Filmfare about the same, she said, “I’m married to my best friend. I’m married to my confidante. I’m married to someone I love so dearly just because of the human being that he is.” Elaborating more, she added, “You talk about being misunderstood in life and then you meet someone, who understands you completely. Then the world doesn’t exist. So for him and me, when we’re together, the world ceases to exist.” The actress also averred that they find solace in one other because of the similarities that they share as people. She added that even when they were dating each other, it was the same thing. The actress confessed that she feels extremely happy because he’s her family.