Letters To The Editor

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” 

– Ernest Hemingway

Submerged in rain

The long wait for rains in Karachi was quenched last week, but not without leaving destruction and chaos in its wake. Roads and streets were chocked with dirty rainwater days after, troubling the citizens to no end. Public spaces, bridges and most areas were left submerged whilst the power supply remained disrupted city-wide. Monsoon rains pay an annual visit to the country and are considered a blessing, but due to poor infrastructure and city plans, prolonged rainfall befalls as no less than a disaster in the country.

Meerab Saqlain,

Traffic control

Despite huge sums of money assigned to the infrastructural projects by the Punjab government, the chaotic traffic congestion in Lahore is still far from being resolved. Numerous reasons have accelerated the already miserable traffic conditions. Even with a consistent rise in fuel prices, the traffic witnesses no relief. Major streets like Canal Road, Mall Road and Ferozepur Road were considered wide enough to bear a fluent traffic movement even at peak rush hours. But now it has all gone in vain. It is therefore necessary to analyse the traffic conundrum in the city and the causes that have led to a stark increase in traffic on the roads. The expanded traffic congestion is not only generating public frustration and impatience, but has also become an economic hurdle.

Mahnoor Azam,

Lead content in counterfeit makeup

While not all women can afford to buy the most expensive skin care products and high quality makeup, it is important that they are aware about staying clear using those, which are infused with toxic content like lead and mercury. Such ingredients can lead to a number of health problems, and even cancer in extreme cases. One of the simplest ways to check lead content is to apply a swatch of lipstick on your hand and rub a gold item over it. If the colour changes to grey then you have a problem. The intensity of the colour change will depend on the amount of lead used in the product. Similarly, one should also be wary of high lead content in other skin care products such as compact powder, foundation and mascara.

Hareem Wajahat,

Sad affair of edutainment in Pakistan

Our TV programmers and channels no longer offer quality content for children. There are only a handful of channels that are specifically designed for children and even then, the content is not up to the mark. While the edutainment industry is booming all around the world, Pakistani children must rely on foreign content. What’s worse is that the cartoons shown on TV often revolve around trivial matters. Young children should have access to quality animated shows that can help them learn new things. Another problem is that since most parents allow their kids to use mobile phones and tablets from a young age, it becomes harder to limit their screen time as they grow older. If our television channels started catering to children, parents would be able to monitor their child’s screen time much easily. Our entertainment industry should certainly progress and start creating shows for kids that reflect our own culture and heritage.

Junaid Shabbir