Letters To The Editor

“Nothing will content him who is not content with a little.”– Greek proverb

Alarming crime rate

I wish to draw your attention to the alarming situation which swamping the streets of the south metropolitan again – street crimes. Social scientists and observers have traced its origin to one society’s evil; employment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a living in our state, with 50% of the growing generation being unemployed. A man works hard his whole life to educate his children and dreams for a bright future but the menace of unemployment, have steadily given a rise to new crimes like burglary, mobile snatching and abduction. Unemployed individuals with difficult livings, find themselves getting involved in evil practices and it harms the society as a whole. If one wishes to eradicate crimes from the society, a close examination of the root cause of the problem should be done, which is often unemployment.

Meera Hassan,

Access to unclean water and beyond

The statistic are daunting when it comes to the masses’ access to clean drinking water. Looking at facts, 44% of population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water and the percentage is proliferating quickly. Circumstances are way worse in rural areas as 90% don’t have access to basic necessity of life and the threat of clean drinking water scarcity contains one of the prime challenges Pakistan is facing. Shocking research has shown that about 200,000 children in Pakistan die every year due to diarrhoea alone. Agencies and societies need to work together and take all possible steps to resolve the water shortage and provision of clean drinking water to citizens.

Laraib Khalid,

An Eid with the homeless

Every individual is responsible to enrich the environment and do something that can help the society grow in a good way. While Pakistan is undertaking developing ideas, there are still many issues that need to be dealt with; one of these main issues is homelessness. The issue has always been neglected by Pakistanis as a society. The rich are getting richer and poor are becoming poorer. As the month of Eid approaches and before we forget the plight of others in our joys, we must all spare a day for those who cannot afford to live life to the fullest and make them feel worthy by sharing a glimpse of happiness with them. For Eid ul Azha is about all sort of sacrifices and giving to the needy in any possible way.

Junaid Sahilwala,

NCDs in Pakistan

As per the information shared by the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 28 million people belonging to the low-middle income countries tend to die due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on an annual basis. In Pakistan, more than 52 per cent of men and 53 per cent of women under the age of 70 die of NCDs per year. It is an alarming rate for it reveals the bad condition of patients who suffer due to inaccessibility of medicines and lack of access to essential treatment needed in order to completely get rid of the disease. Therefore, people usually skip treatment and suffer the aftermath of the diseases they are suffering from. The country’s provincial and federal health departments must look into the issue of unavailability of drugs in hospitals and healthcare centres, and come up with solutions to cater the needs of the underprivileged.

Mehak Raza,