Pakistani restaurateur amongst the most handsome Muslim cuisine influencers


Pakistani restaurant owner Adeel Chaudry has been ranked one of the most handsome Muslim food influencers in the world by a Middle Eastern newspaper, reported BBC Asian Network.

Gulf Today, conducted a survey in the Middle East, selecting about five to 10 of the most famous Muslim food connoisseurs, including ‘Salt Bae’ who made the top spot.

Adeel came in at number two just after the Turkish sensation, who boasts over 23 million followers on Instagram. “I was very happy that someone from Pakistan in the food industry got recognised in the world,” Adeel said during an interview. “It’s a big title for me and for Pakistan.”

The Junoon restaurant owner specialises in fusion food and theatrics, with the highlight being the famous drinks such as Imli Cola Bomb. “It’s imli with cold and some molecular stuff with, smoke coming out of the drink,” Adeel explained. “Plus, I have fused gulab jaman, which is a very famous dessert of Pakistan, with cheesecake, which everyone loves.”