‘Aam Loag’ by Zara Shahjahan is an ode to mango season


Mango People, Zara Shahjahan’s summer pret collection is up for grabs and is all about the designer’s love for mangoes and the childhood memories that she still cherishes whenever its season arrives.

“I remember it was a family tradition to enjoy my nani’s freshly prepared achaar and chutney every summer, which she’d share amongst all the family. Traditionally, women from across the family, old and young, would divide the work of pickling. We never realised it at the time, but it was one of the most special moments in bonding together as a family,” says Shahjahan.

The bright yellow fruit reminds us of heat, sweat, laughter and exhilaration of the subcontinental summer and the factors are also eminent in Aam Loag, a collection comprised of unique hand dyed tie-dye pieces.