Mac n Spud

  • 17 Aug - 23 Aug, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Owing to food festivals like Karachi Eat and Coke Fest, scores of aspiring food enthusiasts and restauranteurs claimed their breakthrough. From the bunch, Mac n Spud’s newly established outlet shines through. After testing waters and taste buds at Karachi Eat with their mac n cheese and Korean corn grubs, the partners Sana and Humayoun landed a cosy place of pride at Bukhari Commercial. Last weekend, a colleague and I found ourselves at their quaint eatery, in our quest of comfort food. Rustic tables, hardwood shelves housing first edition books and curious brass jars and framed quotes on the wall, all injected a very comforting, homey vibe to the place. Going through their laminated menu cards aroused our hunger. The concept is kept simple – diners get to customise their very own share of comfort food by selecting a base of mac & cheese, potatoes, Korean corn or nachos, after which flavours, sauces and toppings are added individually. Our server advised us to try out mac n cheese as a base, choosing the combination of white mushroom and marinara as flavours and chicken, olives, mushrooms and roasted garlic for toppings. My colleague opted for a classical Mexican customise with nachos for base, salsa and chipotle for flavours, going overboard with toppings of olives, chickens, jalapeno and sour cream with a mixture of Siracha and thousand island sauces. We choose mozzarella sticks and cheese fries from the appetisers, and Siracha wings from the specials. As we waited for our order more diners began to file in and soon the place was infused with aroma of cheese and salsa. The server ushered us towards the counter to experience the live preparation of our comfort food, as he picked handfuls of condiments from the tray and dressed the bowls with fresh olives and sauces. Digging into the paper bowls was a messy business but one that rendered ultimate comfort, as morsels of creamy mac n cheese infused with a myriad of distinctive flavours melted in my mouth. Piquant taste of marinara along with creamy dressings of mushroom sauce worked deliciously with a palate of chewy mushroom and olives, giving an entire rollercoaster of flavours. Our nacho bowl was delectable – crunchy nachos didn’t get soggy at all infused with creamy sauce and spicy salsa, making for crispy bites. It was a spicier, crispier and saucy version of nachos and salsa, making me wish I had opted for Korean corn base for the sake for experimenting. Oh well, next time. The appetisers and wings were the last to arrive on our table. I think we had underestimated our mozzarella sticks which were shaped like a king size nugget – they were the cheesiest, most stretchy ones I had ever had. After a single bite, the stretchy cheese pull drives you into an ultimate food comma experienced mostly by die hard cheese lovers. Cheesy fries turned out to be plain salted fries dressed with melted cheese, while Siracha wings came swathed in a thick delectable drip, which had the chicken flavoured to the bone. We washed down our early dinner with swigs of diet soda, wondering how cool it would be for Mac n Spud to introduce a range of make-your-own drinks, as they have simply hit the ball of the court with their customisable comfort food.

Location: 19 C, Bukhari commercial, Lane 8, D.H.A Phase 6Karachi City, Sindh 75500
Average cost for 2: Rs 1000 to Rs 1200


Mac n Spud really have their definition of comfort food sorted with bowls of delectable goodness. A must visit for cheese lovers!


Cosy, feel-at-home vibe offers a perfect space to savour comfort food. Some music and spunk of added colour in framed artwork can really liven up the eatery more.


The eatery does well with the service and food was served timely. 


I wish the eatery would consider replacing plastic and paper bowls, by investing in crockery. This would also expand the presentation prospects.


Comfort food shouldn’t be just comforting in the tummy but also on your pocket. And Mac n Spud makes sure of that.